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5 must-have hair care products

Updated: May 22, 2023

The dark vortex underneath the bathroom sink, a vast abyss that seems to collect tons of hair concoctions and potions that have endless promise for ideal results. Once in awhile we delve back inside this black hole to revisit hopes of a beauty miracle. With little to no avail, we continue to add to its contents disappointed once again.

Well...I am here today to put an end to all the misleading information and typical sales pitches that have been forced upon you! Here are 5 hair products essential for your hair arsenal that will be sufficient in creating amazing results for all hair types!

Shampoo and Conditioner that is Sulfate, Paraben & Phthalate Free!

  • The more studies that are being done, parabens and sulfates are BAD news!

  • Sulfates dry out and break down the hairshaft which can cause irritation, color fading and in some instances hair loss!

  • Parabens on the other hand mimic the hormone estrogen, they have been linked to breast cancers and tumors!

  • Phthalates are linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, cancers...SO SCARY!

Heat Protector

  • This is an amazing product that will create a barrier of protection around the hairshaft itself from the assault of styling tools to the UV rays from the sun.

  • Not only do they work like a sunscreen but they moisturize and speed up drying time as well.

  • It smooths the cuticles along the hair shaft making your hair less prone to frizz while adding shine and luster.

  • There are sprays designed for more fine textured hair types or cremes for medium to coarse hair types.

Dry Shampoo

  • The tedious process of washing and styling your hair everyday is no more thanks to this awesome product!

  • A sprayable mineral powder that helps to extend your style by absorbing excess oils and impurities while also freshening the look and scent of your hair.

  • Great option for adding volume and texture to the hair as well!

Finishing Spray

  • The final step in your styling routine. Whether it is helmet head hold your seeking or a bold textured finish, there are 4 different types to choose:

  1. Dry Oil Satiny Spray for a glossy finish

  2. Texturizing Spray for volume and body

  3. Working Spray for flexible hold

  4. Freeze Control Spray for ultimate control

Deep Conditioner

  • An at home hair treatment that can maintain the health and shine of your hair in between salon visits.

  • There are options for all hair types

  • Helps to close down the cuticle adding an extra layer of moisture and shine for your tresses.

  • Helps to eliminate frizz and replenish its overall health.

  • Best if used once every week to every other week.

With the endless array of hair companies out there, it comes down to choosing a brand that is attempting to lessen the carbon foot print that we are leaving behind. If we all take the small steps to making that change, imagine the shift we will create! With all of that said, I choose to work with these types of brands. Haircare with a conscience, committed to produce great products that work toward a more sustainable future for our planet!

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